May 14, 2009
07:30 PM
Tulsa Sound

Pandas invade Soundpony


Friday, May 15, The Panda Resistance, Stone Trio and Chris Combs take over the dance floor at Soundpony.

The instrumental trio of Clay Welch (see: Callupsie and Barf Makeout), Andrew Bones (see: Paul Benjaman Band, Stone Trio, Cecada and The Doldrums) and Bo Hallford (see: Paul Benjaman Band and Stone Trio) bring their music to Tulsans for their spring enjoyment.

According to their Web site, their origins are quite surprising:

“Just outside of Guangzhou-Foshan, China, on Dec. 12, during the historic winter of 1952 a small group of militant Panda rebels started a revolution which resulted in the fall of the Western Han Dynasty. The records of the events that transpired were thought to be lost. However, recently more information has come to light; audio recordings of the rebel Panda's secret radio communications and mysterious documents have surfaced. Additionally, many people who witnessed the coup d'état have finally come forward after 50 years to share their incredible stories.”

I never would have guessed that.


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