May 14, 2009
05:06 PM
Tulsa Sound

Music and Mayfest

Starting tonight through Sunday evening, Mayfest takes over downtown Tulsa. There will be dozens of incredible artists working in a variety of mediums, a cornucopia of culinary consumables and best of all, a cavalcade of great live music.

Should the cumulonimbus clouds stop pouring on us long enough, it promises to be a wicked fun weekend.

Rather than dealing with that one dork who refuses to let go of his giant Hummer and needs two parking spaces – one of which had your name on it – ride your bike. A little rain never hurt anyone, and you can park it at The Hub’s secure bike parking area on Sixth and Main Streets.

Some of the bands I will be looking for this weekend:

-         Thursday, 8:15 p.m., Annie Ellicott and the Brian Haas Trio at the Main Street Stage on the Green (Thursday night has become the unofficial adult night of Mayfest as families have a hard time getting their kids there and home by a reasonable hour.);

-         Friday, noon, klondike5 string band at Bartlett Square on Fifth and Main Streets (k5 has a good time playing bluegrass, and how can you watch Eric Franzen on banjo and not smile?);

-         Friday, 6:15, Brandon Jenkins at the Main Stage on the Green. Former Tulsa resident and a friend I have not seen in years comes home on Friday evening to play his own, authentic brand of country music. "Faster Than a Stone" is currently on the Top 40 of the Americana music chart. Great act to catch right after work.

-         Friday, 9:45 p.m., Callupsie will bring their indie-rock ethos to the stage at Bartlett Square (This show might get crazy – this band, their fans, in the middle of Tulsa’s downtown, at the tail end of the day’s festivities? Nice.);

-         Saturday, 2 p.m., ArtCar Parade around Mayfest (Not so much a live music performance as it is a spectacle.).  

-         Saturday, 9 p.m., The Old 97’s at the Main Street stage on the Green (Total coup for Mayfest to get this band. These guys have made a living on their live performances. You will not go home disappointed from this show.)

-         Saturday, 9:45 p.m., The Red Dirt Rangers at Bartlett Square (Okie, red dirt music that will be a lot more laid back than the above-mentioned show. It also might be a lot less of a hassle to see than the zaniness going on at the Green.).

To get the tentative schedule for all live music go here.

Happy Mayfest!

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