May 8, 2009
08:21 PM
Tulsa Sound

M. Ward

When I screw up, I will admit it. I have to apologize to you, the music loving reader, about my total lack of delivery. A few weeks ago (April 22 to be exact), M. Ward played the Cain's Ballroom. I had heard of him but did not really know anything beyond my own annoyance with the affectation of giving yourself an initial for a name (see: this). Just add it to the list of things I need therapy for. My fiancé went with her friend Suzanne (see: Suzanne from The Bead Merchant, 747-3636), and as soon as he started playing they knew I would regret not going. She was kind enough to bring back two vinyl albums (Hold Time and Transfiguration of Vincent) for me. They sat in our room for 10 days. I was ignoring them on purpose. The accolades he received from her when she came home already made me nervous about being an idiot for missing his show. A few days ago, it was raining for the umpteenth straight day, and I had done everything else but listen to them. I finally relented and have been alternating between listening to Hold Time and kicking myself in the head like Wee Man. I have not even gotten around to Transfiguration yet since Hold Time is just that good. Songs like Stars of Leo and Never Had Nobody Like You (featuring Zooey Deschanel from She and Him) are still swirling in my head... whenever I am not kicking it instead. My favorite song, for its touching beauty about our ultimate demise is Blake's View. I cannot believe I went for a bike ride rather than seeing this show. But I am mostly sorry I didn't tell the rest of you. Sorry. My bad.

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