May 15, 2009
01:14 PM
Tulsa Sound

Forte' at Blue Dome Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon

After trying and failing to find the “whosy whatsy” on who plays at the Blue Dome Arts Festival this weekend, I gave up and just happened to see a picture of some gal standing on Soundpony’s bar on a MySpace page.

The profile?

Fiawna Forte'.

Soundpony and Forte' are fitting, actually.

I saw her and her hard-charging band at Soundpony recently. Every time I see them, I am always impressed. That girl and the rest of her musical posse bring such good music to the party.

Looking a little deeper into that profile of hers, it turns out she is playing the Blue Dome Arts Festival on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at First Street and Elgin Avenue. It might be possible to catch the ArtCar Parade and Fiawna Forte’.

Yea, serendipity!

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