Jun 25, 2009
03:23 PM
Tulsa Sound

Under the Mooch is 3 years old already?

Let me repeat that: Under the Mooch is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this Saturday. Bart has been getting citizens of Tulsa and great music hooked up since its opening.

In an era of MP3s, downloadable music, burning, ripping and iTunes, a record store can open outside of a mall or commercial district and not only survive but prosper. And have enough left over to throw a sweet cookout and rock fest!

The grill gets fired up around noon and the rocking starts at 1 p.m. to:

The Barrelhouse Revelers, Tip Top Secrets, La Panther Happen, Slowheen, Tip Top Secrets and more.

Check here for times and more performances.

Congratulations, Bart. Great guy, killer store.

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