Jul 13, 2009
02:44 PM
Tulsa Sound

Tuesday night races at the Pony

The Tulsa Wheelmen and Team Soundpony present the only way you are going to be able to sprint up Main Street and not get a ticket. You might get road rash, eat a lamp post or bounce, but you will not have to appear in court.

Tuesday, July 14, in front of Soundpony (409 N. Main St.), the street will be shut down to allow those hungry for victory, glory and heat stroke to take their rightful seat next to sprint cycling greats. This is not a contest for the weak, but it is a contest for those who do not usually participate in contests. This is about a punk rock as bike racing gets.

There will be road bikes, fixed gears, BMX and any bike deemed road worthy by the judges (see: Jack McNeal and his posse). Bikes will be at the start line in groups of four at the intersection of mayhem and catastrophe (see: Cameron and Main), and teams will race up Main Street past Soundpony and the Cain’s Ballroom for 150 meters (300 feet for those that just refuse to go Euro).

Winners of this double elimination tournament will race heats as long as it takes to determine the final, glorious victor. The vanquisher will be showered with things that have yet to be determined, but they shall be magnificent in their magnificence (see: PBR or something similar, unless the winner is under age and then perhaps Juicy Juice).

Categories will include: men age 40 and older, 10- to 18-year olds, and 0- to 9-year olds (I would love to see a 0-year old race by the way), and many, many more.

All the details can be found here.

Race like you stole something!

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