Jan 22, 2009
02:34 PM
Tulsa Sound

The Collective is no longer associated with the Borg

Eleventh Street’s contribution to local music has been getting some great acts and fun crowds. The Collective has coffee, hooch, ingestible culinary offerings and an intimate stage to lure those groups of friends that can never decide what they want out of their nights. 

Take for instance this Saturday the 24th, La Panther Happens along with Barf Makeout (“Yum!”) and Mixed Water Media mix it up. La Panther sounds like they have been hanging out with Phil Spector in his Wall of Sound days.

Almost every night of the week, the Collective hosts a local or regional act worth seeing.

Every Thursday they have a guest D.J. – could be a great night of killer dance tracks and party tunes.

To top it off they kick, the reigning capitol of live music, Soundpony’s teeth in with their menu consisting of several items not under the heading of “Hot Dog”. 

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