Jan 26, 2009
09:04 PM
Tulsa Sound

AC/DC tonight at the BOK!

For those about to get your faces rocked off, I salute you! AC/DC and their fleet of buses, effects, tastefully soiled roadies and groupies* invade our downtown this evening (should the ice not freeze all the doors shut) and take the stage at the BOK Center. AC/DC (known as Acca Dacca in their native Australia) has been at this music thing longer than anyone that normally knows about blogging has been alive. But do not let their ages fool you; their live shows are the stuff of legend and have so much raw power that some fans have been vaporized via Angus Young's power chords. If you have a heartbeat and consider yourself a fan of rock ’n’ roll, you will not miss this show. Look for me wandering around with a dazed expression, a press pass (thanks to Courtney!) and ear plugs. *Contrary to popular belief, none of AC/DC's groupies looks anything like Kate Hudson from "Almost Famous" — well, maybe a few miles ago but not anymore. For more information about the show or to buy tickets, visit www.bokcenter.com.

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