Jan 29, 2009
05:49 PM
Tulsa Sound

AC/DC Plays On

Despite of the weather — or perhaps because of it — the AC/DC Black Ice Tour plowed into the BOK Center Monday night. Their fans showed up en masse to witness the spectacle of one of the premier arena rock bands. Having never been to the BOK, I learned a few things: 1. I found a great place to park, but I am not telling you, lest it gets snagged the next time I go. 2. In discovering where the media entrance is located, I felt like Frodo looking for the hidden passageway. 3. The preferred uniform of the AC/DC fan is jeans with black everything else (see: duster, AC/DC concert T-shirt, etc.). 4. When a road manager comes out to tell you the rules and that the sound is one of the loudest things you have ever heard, try not to remember the dozens of shows you have heard at the Cain's that were louder. 5. When you get a photo pass, try to show up with a really awesome camera and totally wicked lenses like the rest of the photographers and not with your girlfriend's tiny Minolta. It was like a Pinto at a NASCAR race.

They herded us next to the stage and we got to wait and people-watch. An AC/DC show is an incredible people-watching location. Not as many mullets as I thought I would see, though — the only disappointment of the night. The rest of the show was filled with power chords and screaming, just like it should have been.  The crowd went from 0-120 pretty quickly. But, let's be honest, everyone came to see Angus Young. His shtick of adolescent school boy ensembles and trademark power chords have made this band and their loyal followers what every other rock ’n’ roll band aspire toward. Conclusion: Shows like this were not possible until the BOK Center popped up. The venue, their staff and the facilities all offer acts a shiny new stage and their fans the opportunity to avoid having to travel to Dallas or Kansas City to see them. Great night for rock ’n’ roll and Tulsa music fans.

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