Dec 9, 2011
01:12 PM
Tulsa Sound

Low Litas and Klondike 5 Stringband

Low Litas and Klondike 5 Stringband

Tonight I am heading for the only appropriate midtown venue for local bands. Allow me to specify, local bands that aren’t terrible. The Low Litas are an estrogen-fueled freakout trio while Klondike 5 is one of the only shows in town if you like bluegrass AND beer, and they join forces tonight (Dec. 9) at The Colony.

For $5 and a drive to 2809 S. Harvard you get two of Tulsa’s best live shows and a chance to see the glory that is Eric Franzen – the odd yet brilliant banjo player for K5. If you’re not there for the music, you can always go for the romantic tension betwixt Eric and yourself.

Actually this is an odd double bill that works – indie rock and hillbilly foot stompin’. Show starts up around 10 (read: 10:30) – see you there! 

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