Dec 23, 2011
12:56 PM
Tulsa Sound

Holiday hootenanny

Holiday hootenanny

Tonight (Dec. 23) Klondike 5 String Band and Good Sir help celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with a hootenanny of a good time at Soundpony (409 N. Main).

There is a dearth of events tonight – or at least ones that do not involve reliving the four most painful years of your life (read: high school). Lose the reunion party and head to where the sweet sounds of mountain madness induced by Eric Fanzen’s homemade, whiskey-still, banjo playing makes you hallucinate you’re in the Adirondacks with Cleetus and Daryl.

Seriously, great night of music with a band that knows not to turn their amps up to 11 in Soundpony’s bouncy-wall cavern.

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