Apr 30, 2009
09:27 PM
Tulsa Sound

Blues Traveler: River Spirit Casino (81st St. and Riverside Drive)

Blues Traveler plays the Grand Opening Weekend at the River Spirit Casino on Saturday night. This show will be in their Mystic River Lounge at 9 p.m. and will be free (“Hmm,” he wonders, “what will the concert going public do with all that extra money?”). This band has made a living playing juke joints, honky tonks, Skelly Stadium and music festivals since 1990 when they released “Blues Traveler."

Personal note regarding Blues Traveler: My friend, Scott Lucero, and I worked at a summer camp in Florissant, Colorado in 1991. We would start the second side (back when people still listened to something called “cassettes”) of the Blues Traveler tape and see if we could make it to the Old Chicago restaurant in Colorado Springs, over 30 miles away down Highway 24 before it ended. It was the perfect “blasting-down-a-high-mountain-road-with-the-stereo-turned-up-as-load-as-it-will-go” music. We did not always make it (see: RVs and Oldsmobiles from Texas were the primary culprits), but we always had a great time trying.

I would like to thank them for supplying the soundtrack for that stupid (but funny) behavior.

For more details about the Grand Opening Weekend events at River Spirit Casino, visit www.riverspirittulsa.com

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