Jan 30, 2009
04:50 AM
Table Talk

We can wish, right?

While the ice blanketed Tulsa yet again this past week, I was lucky enough to miss it completely. Not to rub it in, but as we speak my husband and I are basking in the sun on the Big Island of Hawaii. I couldn't help but chuckle when the weather person on the nightly news warned locals that they would need to bring out the long sleeves and extra blankets for the cold front coming through. It is dropping down to 60 degrees tonight, so we better get prepared!

While on the island, we were able to take advantage of the many local farmers' markets, offered year round since the growing season never changes (there is a greater difference between day and night than between winter and summer - oh these poor people!). In addition to the rather exotic assortment of papaya, rambutans and locally harvested coconuts, the booths are stocked with fresh picked corn, garnet-fleshed local strawberries and every shade of heirloom tomato..just like home, right? Well, maybe in a few more months.

Last night at dinner we had an amazing meal at Daniel Thiebault's in Waimea featuring local ingredients (Kona Kampachi farmed right off the coast, sweet onion and tomato salad with sesame crusted local goat cheese), but the dessert was the showstopper. Simple but elegant, the Mille Feuille of Waimea Strawberries was almost a taste of home (think a souped-up version of strawberry shortcake). I can't wait to recreate it this spring when the local markets open, (when I promise to provide you all with a recipe) but until then I've included a picture for you to salivate over... Just hold tight...only a few more weeks of winter, right Mr. Groundhog?

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