Most popular articles of 2017

A look back at our most-read articles of the year.


It's hard to believe that 2018 is almost here. Like, didn't 2017 just get here? Time flying aside, we've had some major highlights both in print and online from the past 12 months. We expected some of the big features to do well, but some of these most-read articles surprised me. How many of these hits did you read?


1. 2017 guide to Tulsa’s Private Schools

This one surprised me! Though it's hardly a page-turner, our annual private school guide is jam-packed with useful information. That's probably why it was the most-viewed article from 2017. Our 2018 guide will be out soon — do you think it will be as popular?

"We’ve collected up-to-date information on private schools in the Tulsa area — from current tuition rates and uniforms to financial aid and student-to-teacher ratios."

Read the article. 


2. 2017 Charitable Events Calendar

Number two is also a useful guide rather than groundbreaking journalism ... but since I spend a significant portion of time every year putting together the big annual events calendar, I can't say I mind. Why don't you go ahead and make the 2018 CEC another hit?

"Published in association with the Tulsa Community Foundation."

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3. Promised land: 9 Amazing Immigrants Who Have Made Tulsa Better

Connie Cronley's Musings column has been a charming institution at TulsaPeople for many years. But the prolific essayist and all-around legend is also an excellent features writer, as evidenced by the fascinating look she gave us into the lives of these 9 immigrants. Side note, am I the only person who sometimes pretends Connie Cronley is actually my grandma? No? Just me? Anyway...

"Tulsa is home to immigrants from across the world. Although their reasons for coming vary, their commitment and dedication to our city are unwavering."

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4. Big idea

This is a cool story about some mundane buildings getting a new purpose, but I could never have predicted the amount of response this story got on social media. So many people chimed in with stories about previously working in those buildings, and were just generally so excited to see the Zarrow Foundation give such gift to the nonprofit community.

"Two high-rises familiar to commuters on the Broken Arrow Expressway are quietly on their way to a new purpose."

Read the article.

The accompanying article ranked a little further down, but pairing it with it's companion easily secured the topic the number four spot:

The Dollar Thrifty campus gets a new purpose

"The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation purchased the campus in late 2015 and donated office space to nonprofits including Mental Health Association Oklahoma, Community Action Project, LIFE Senior Services, the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits and the Assistance League of Tulsa."

Read the article.


5. 3 Inspirational Brainiacs Who Have Made Tulsa Proud

These whiz kids-turned-accomplished adults drove some serious traffic to the stories about their various endeavors. We caught up with Leona Thao, Blaise Staab and and Maya Wei-Haas, who have each made strides in very different fields.

"Where are they now? We catch up with three past ‘Brainiacs’ to see where life has taken them."

Read the article.


6. QUIZ: Which Tulsa coffeeshop are you?

Quizzes are a new development on the blog, and if the response to this one in particular is any indication, the quizzes are here to stay. Y'all took this quiz more than 1300 times in all. Making me feel like Buzzfeed over here! Also, 65 percent of you described your personality as a comfy sweater — less than 2 percent of y'all are wacky hats! The most popular result was Shades of Brown at nearly 40 percent, and the most rare result was The Gypsy, which describes less than 7 percent of you. Did you take the quiz, and was the result accurate? If not, what are you waiting for?!

"Tulsa has no shortage of super-hip coffee houses, each with its own distinct personality. Which one are you the most like?"

Read the article. 


7. Game Changer: How A Mom Made Lacrosse Tulsa's Newest Youth Sport

Quality reporting plus fantastic photos make this article a sure winner. The only shock is how much you football-obsessed Okies wanted to read about lacrosse! Could it become our new favorite sport?

"In only a few short years, a group of dedicated parents and coaches have made an East Coast sport a reality in Tulsa, Oklahoma." 

Read the article. 


8. Designer Showcase 2017

One incredible mansion, dozens of amazing designers and a serious case of #HomeEnvy make the Designer Showcase a top-ten shew-in. Like, can I just move into this house please?

"This marks our 44th year for one of Tulsa’s longest-running fundraisers that benefits the Foundation for Tulsa Schools and children in Tulsa Public Schools."

Read the article. 


9. 4 reasons to get excited about A Gathering Place

As the most-hyped project of the decade, it's no wonder we're all obsessed with the progress pics of Gathering Place.

"With some elements of the park set for completion by the end of the year, we take a look at how construction is going on four key elements."

Read the article. 


10. Be my neighbor

The downtown issue is always one of my faves, and this past March cover story doesn't stray from that pattern. I loved getting to take a look at some very beautiful, yet very different, historic homes in some of Tulsa's oldest yet most underrated neighborhoods — all a stone's through from the ever-more vibrant IDL.

"A booming downtown means its surrounding neighborhoods are a must for those wanting a short commute without sacrificing their residential needs."

Read the article. 


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