Last-minute Halloween inspiration

We were inspired by your costume generator results — behold, our interpretation, just in time for your last-minute plans!


Hey y'all, first of all, it seems like you guys have had a blast generating your Tulsa-themed costume with the meme thing that's been going around Facebook. I've especially loved the "How the heck would I dress up like THAT?!" comment. Never fear, I'm here to save the day with some brilliant ways to pull off these obscure, Tulsa-tastic combinations.

Did I miss your fave? Call me out at @tulsapeople or in the comments... if you're lucky, I'll create your costume, too!


1. Space Greaser

A personal favorite of mine. It's cold in space, so bring your leather jacket. Try not to get into too much trouble... 





1. Zombie Soc

Like all those cheap zombie schoolgirl outfits, but way better, let's be honest. Rough up your preppiest 1960s get-up and turn tonight's sock hop into a feast of HUMAN FLESH.

Zombie Soc



3. Unicorn Flapper

Sheath dress. Glitter. So many accessories. So many ways to wear it. Done.

Unicorn Flapper


4. Ghost Hanson

It took all my willpower not to do Sexy Hanson — but we all know those boys can't be outdone. Take a chic, monochromatic, spooky approach with your squad to rock this otherwordly group costume.


Ghost Hanson



5. Under-Construction QuikTrip

Best if you can do this as a group costume, with several of your friends under various degrees of construction. Just stand in various corners of the party, so no-one ever has to turn left to visit one of you.


Under Construction QuikTrip




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