From the editor: November 2017

On #gratitude and thankfulness — if I must...


“What are you thankful for?”


It was my childhood Thanksgiving tradition to go around the table and ask this question pointedly to each person in attendance. My parents insist it was endearing. I suspect I was just honing my talk-show host skills.

Flash forward a few decades, and “gratitude” seems to be the zeitgeist-y cure-all of the day, with bloggers and gurus of all stripes touting its powers to heal mind and body and attract good fortune. (#blessed #gratitude #affirmation #selflove #lawofattraction #justthrewupinmymouthalittle) I’m sure little miss “what are you thankful for?” would be into it, but I’m too busy with this Liz Lemon-level eye roll to give it much consideration.

Let’s face it — it’s been a rough year. Every day we wake up wondering what fresh hell is awaiting us on our newsfeeds. It’s really hard to feel like self-affirming sticky notes in any way combat climate change, income inequality, police brutality, rampant misogyny, systematic racism ... but hey, “You Are Enough” is a nice reminder, I guess.

But, the November issue gave even this “bah humbug” pause. This month was a welcome reminder of the many reasons I am thankful to be a Tulsan. This city isn’t perfect by any means, but we constantly strive to do better for our citizens, whether veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, refugees seeking safety or fledgling entrepreneurs.

Our local shopping feature makes me grateful to live in a city with so much energy, and so many unique places to shop. We’re no cookie-cutter town, and that’s something to be proud of. Plus, getting to run into these small business owners at the farmers’ market or out and about on the weekend creates this amazing sense of connectivity.

We even find out what some Tulsans are grateful for this season. For Chris Lieberman, even seemingly small achievements like standing and laughing are reasons to celebrate. Nehemiah Frank shares his gratitude for the overnight success of the Black Wall Street Times. Documentarian Wendy Garrett appreciates the fresh perspectives her new city offers. And the folks behind Magic City Books are most certainly relieved that the long-awaited concept will come to fruition this month.

Wait, did I just #practicegratitude? I do actually feel a little better. Now, I have to ask ... What are you thankful for? 




Anna Bennett

Digital Editor

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