From the editor: Anna at home

In so many ways, home isn't a location or a building — it is a thing you make.


Mantel of the author's fireplace, featuring painting by Peter Bedgood and various Spock items.



Where some see a nonfunctional fireplace, I see a blank canvas.

Though it hasn’t worked in many years, the imposing stone fireplace remains a focal point of my 1930s-built apartment. Upon moving in, one of the first things I did was fill the empty hearth with fake bags of money (#theaterlife) and set them alight with construction paper flames. Later on, I replaced my flagrant display of, uh, wealth with a DIY campfire (harvested from a fallen branch), lit from within by twinkling LED lights. The mantel, too, serves as an ever-evolving display of what is important and interesting to me at the moment — from a small shrine to Mr. Spock to a striking painting by local artist Peter Bedgood.

Whatever is there, it’s the first thing I see when I come home every day.

The Mr. Spock shrine // @shenannagrams

In so many ways, home is a thing you make. Tyler and Molly Thrasher learned this when a fire home destroyed their first house in December 2016. Their incredible story of rebuilding and renewing from the ashes is a truly extraordinary testament to the power of love and community.

The “Zero Heroes” also are using love and community to create homes — for our most vulnerable homeless neighbors. Though we’ve still got a way to go, the impact of Built for Zero and A Way Home For Tulsa is worth celebrating.

I love my old building, with all its quirks and anachronisms (like the added-on sunroom in its full 1970s wood-panel glory). But Tulsa also is a strong market for new home construction. Read more about the local housing market, then get in touch with top area real estate professionals.

Also in this issue, you’ll meet George Day, an unsung icon of local architecture and creator of several truly unique contemporary homes, each a labor of love and a reflection of its owner’s passions.

If you, like me, live in a small space but adore plants, you’ll want to check out the guide to container gardening. Our annual Blank Slate challenge offers different takes on a striking midcentury modern piece of furniture. If you’re redecorating on a budget, these flea markets are an excellent place to start.

I hope this issue inspires you to create the home of your dreams, and to fill it with the activities and objects that bring you joy. If anyone needs me, I’ll be out in my sunroom, taking selfies with my houseplants.


Anna Bennett

Digital Editor

The author in her sunroom, taking selfies with her houseplants. // @shenannagrams


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