Details Make DoubleShot's New Digs Extra Special

Old bricks and reclaimed barn wood will give the brand-new coffee roasting HQ — set to open March 2018 — a distinct sense of history and place.


A rendering of the planned DoubleShot facility at 1633 S. Boulder Ave.

Courtest DoubleShot

Attention Tulsa coffee enthusiasts!

The DoubleShot Coffee Company, a nationally known pioneer in Tulsa’s thriving coffee scene, is relocating to a new 6,000-square-foot facility at 1633 S. Boulder — mere steps from our office's front door. It is scheduled to open March 2018, which will also happen to be an extremely productive month for TulsaPeople, seeing as we will all be so caffeinated! I’m sure many downtown employees will also enjoy the same newfound efficiency.

Having outgrown its original location at 1730 S. Boston Ave., DoubleShot’s new shop — dubbed The Rookery — will be two stories and include an enclosed roastery with a viewing window, outdoor seating, a loft and plenty of parking.

The inspiration for the unique design of the DoubleShot’s new building comes from owner Brian Franklin’s roots in Illinois.

Franklin was raised in a farming community in Illinois where he was inspired by the iconic structure of a barn that he says represents traditional values like hard work and community.


The entire new DoubleShot headquarters will be a rebuilt from 170-year-old barn.

“I want the space to feel like it’s been there a long time, in order to preserve the history and quality inherent in the structure,” Franklin says.

More than 50 percent of the building materials will be reclaimed.


The original barn, built in 1850, from which DoubleShot's new facility, The Rookery, will be built. Courtesy Brian Franklin.


The building will also incorporate bricks from a historic, pre-statehood factory.

“I grew up with an appreciation for the quality and history of old materials and objects,” Franklin says. Throughout his life, his parents loved antiques and his father restored pieces of furniture and antique cars as well as an old Victorian house.


One of many antiques restored by Franklin's family. Courtesy Brian Franklin.


The shop will also feature a glass front that will add a modern touch and fill it with sunlight.

“I’m really looking forward to creating a space that reflects the effort, quality, detail and authenticity we put into our products.” Franklin also says he is excited about having a dedicated roaster where he will have space to focus on sourcing and roasting high-quality coffees.


We literally cannot wait to drink coffee here.


This project has been in the works for five years. “It’s like living in an apartment and then deciding to build your dream house,” says Franklin. “It feels like the DoubleShot is going home.”


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