Decorate your space with $2 photos of Tulsa's past

Tulsa Historical Society hosting special photo sale as part of Aug. 3 Free First Saturday


Ever visited a Tulsa Historical Society and Museum exhibit and wished you could take an image home with you?

You can this Saturday, Aug. 3.

From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. the museum is offering mounted 12-by-18-inch reproductions from past exhibits for $2 each. They are first come, first serve.

Among the exhibits the photos are from include “Transmitting Tulsa: On-Screen and Over the Airwaves,” “On the Move: Tulsa Transportation History,” “Nifty Fifties,” “Tulsa in the Teens,” “Geometry and Ornamentation: Art Deco in Tulsa” and more.

It marks the first time the nonprofit organization has sold photos from past exhibits to raise funds for business operations.

“We have hundreds of them piling up and didn’t want to throw them away,” says Maggie Brown, THS director of exhibits. “We raise every dollar to operate, so we thought this is a great way to allow those in the community to enjoy the photos and help us out. These exhibit photos go back many years, so this is isn’t something we will do often. Maybe once every five years.”

The historical society does eight to 12 exhibits a year, according to Brown. She says the photos span more than 50 exhibits, with the most recent photos being from the 1970s and a lot from the 1950s.

“Most our photos are earlier than that,” says Brown. “The photos date back to the city getting a railroad in 1882 and then go from there. We’re going to break them down into categories to help those looking for a specific time or theme.”

The $2 photo sale is part of the historic society’s Free First Saturday promotion that allows museum visitors free entry to the museum.

While Saturday’s sale is limited to past exhibit photos, a person can purchase a copy of the non-profit’s archived photos. It’s $30 for a digital file for personal use.

The Tulsa Historic Society is located at 2445 S. Peoria Ave.

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