6 best double date spots in Tulsa

Wine and dine with new and old friends this weekend.


Anyone can go eat at a restaurant with a friend and have a nice time. But what do you do with your significant other plus another couple? You don’t want to go to your go-to spot and it not fit the vibe of the group. Here are my classic double date spots that will satisfy any group of four.



Asian fusion at its finest. While the price is steep, you get more food for your buck than you thought possible for a restaurant this high-end. Their sushi is always fresh and the sashimi comes with decorative baby’s breath flowers. I put some in my date’s hair for a good laugh and it was the joke of the night.

8041 S. Mingo Road | 918-893-8006 | kirin-tulsa.com


Señor Tequila

If you’re on a budget but still want to have a good time, look no further than Señor Tequila. This Mexican restaurant has classic dishes that everyone will love. Their Brookside location has an upbeat, but not overbearing, atmosphere and plenty of eye-catching art.

3348 S. Peoria Ave. | 918-749-2400


Mod’s Coffee and Crepes

This is the hidden gem of double date spots! The restaurant serves sweet and savory crepes and high-quality gelato, and is adjacent to the historic Philcade Building. You and your group can sit in the lobby admiring the authentic 1920’s art deco décor, and take a group selfie!

507 S. Boston Ave. | 918-582-6637 | www.modscrepes.com


Naples Flatbread

Looking to impress? Try the trendy Naples Flatbread with high-quality ingredients and authentic flatbread dishes. While a bit on the pricy side, the restaurant boasts multiple flat screen TVs, a gorgeous fireplace, and an excellent view of the BOK Center across the street.

201 S. Denver Ave. | 918-879-1990


Kilkenny’s Irish Pub

A local favorite, this cozy pub has hearty meals, Irish memorabilia, and plenty of alcohol to keep conversation flowing. Make sure to ask for a to-go box or split a dish with your significant other; you practically get two meals for the price of one.

1413 E. 15th St. | 918-582-8282 | www.tulsairishpub.com


Your House

Of course, if you’re up to it, opening up your home is a great option. While you may think this is too personal for a first double date, it shows your generosity and openness. Don’t worry — you don’t have to cook a three-course meal. Pick up a pizza and talk the night away, play board games, or watch a movie together. 


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