3.02: Getting Schooled — Dr. Deborah Gist

A conversation with Dr. Deborah Gist, superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools, about the new school year and managing one of the state's largest public school districts with low funding.


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Tulsa Talks: A TulsaPeople Podcast

3.02: Getting schooled - Dr. Deborah Gist

August 21, 2019

Dr. Deborah Gist

Welcome to Tulsa Talks presented by Tulsa Regional Chamber.

On this episode, a conversation with Dr. Deborah Gist, superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools. 

We all heard about the teacher salary increases, but where are they on teacher hiring (11:20)? State funding for education remains among the lowest in the nation, so what needs to change (12:50)? 

Dr. Gist looks back at her 30-year career (18:00) that started, like many other Oklahoma teaching grads, in a Texas classroom. She discusses what's happening in the classroom (24:20) and how low funding hinders the students education. She also discusses why people with no kids or children who have grown up should be paying attention to what's happening with TPS (32:45).

All that and much more.

Following that conversation, I check in with friend of the podcast, Jerry Wofford, to talk music (42:30). Jerry is the education and public programs manager for the Woody Guthrie Center, so he discussed all the cool stuff happening there this fall, like the new Arlo Guthrie exhibit.

Weston Horn and the Hush just released their new album “Vol. 2 Don’t Give Up” and they’re sharing with you the title track from that album (52:40)


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