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Thursday night at Living Arts

The two shows opening Thursday night at Living Arts call for closer inspection. When you go to see this show, examine the materials used to create the object represented. Elizabeth Brown's work actually reminds me some of local artist Grace Grothaus' work that uses synthetic products to make "natural" scenes. And the "Camera Van," shown by Harrod Blank (below), is just a delight to see ... it is just like the Art Cars that will be on show during the Blue Dome Festival this month. Images of those wild cars need to be preserved for all eternity. Which leads me to the question that maybe someone out there can answer- — what happens to the Art Cars after the parade?

In "Senses and Symbols," Brown’s work focuses on organic sculpture using synthetic materials.  These forms play with creating objects that reference natural forms but remain elusive in their definition. "Camera Van Photos," by Blank, are photographs of the public’s candid reaction, taken by the van itself.  (Camera Van Photos is part of the Art Car event at Living Arts; Art Car Weekend is held in the Blue Dome District from May 14-17)

Camera Van Harrod Blank

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