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Grace Grothaus' "McWilderness" installation at Momentum

Grace Grothaus, artist and friend of mine, put together this wonderful installation for the Momentum show in OKC last weekend. She re-created an outdoor scene with things that can be bought at the store. Grace gives a lot of food for thought when you realize she was able to create a large, outdoor "nature" scene with things bought at the store. Grace moved to Tulsa a few years ago, and we are lucky to have young, motivated artists like her in our city. She started out as a friend for me, then artist. It has been a great joy watching her establish her career. There is nothing like graduating from college and hoping to pay the bills through work in the arts (I'm a non-profit working, freelance-writing woman who knows. Not the same exactly, but similar on several points.) In addition to her personal art, she works at the Philbrook Museum of Art and is on the board at Tulsa Artist Coaltion. Keep up the great work Grace!

An excerpt from her artist statement for "McWilderness": "This installation, created from petroleum-based and mass-produced products, highlights the tendency to idealize and commoditize nature and is an exploration of our often unfulfilling and unsustainable relationship with the natural world."

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