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Oklahoma Chautauqua

photo-11I was over at OSU-Tulsa yesterday for a meeting and noticed a tent set up in the north parking lot. So I did a little sleuthing, and if you've ever wanted to meet Jefferson DavisFrederick DouglassHarriet TubmanWalt Whitman and John Ross, you're in luck. All of these famous historical figures will be hanging out in that tent. (Um, Walt Whitman. The man whose poetry book my mom marked up when she was a teenager. I've spent years reading the words she underlined. Frederick Douglass. The man who I wrote a rather lengthy essay on in the 4th grade. They are right over at OSU-Tulsa for us to meet!) Every June, Chautauqua offers Tulsa and other Oklahoma communities a chance to learn and interact with history. Join in the festivities that include performances, workshops, school outreach and opportunities to interact with scholars who act as famous individuals from the past. This year they celebrate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth by presenting people who, throughout history, have stood up for the rights of others. While some of the events have passed, here is what's left: Friday, June 5 Noon: Workshop with Dr. Carrol Peterson - "Whitman's poems on Lincoln" 5:30 p.m.: Workshop with Dr. Doug Mishler - "Was Jefferson Davis Always an American Patriot?" 6:30 p.m.: Music 7:30 p.m.: Charles Pace as Frederick Douglass

Saturday, June 6 Noon:  Workshop with Charles Pace - "Warrior Women in the Life of Frederick Douglass" 5:30 p.m.: Workshop with Dr. Michael Hughes - "The Western Frontier during the American Civil War" 6:30 p.m.: Music 7:30 p.m.: Doug Mishler as Jefferson Davis

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