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"The Dark Arts" at The Collective

I had a fabulous lunch yesterday at The Collective on 11th Street across from TU. It's a really comfortable and fresh coffee house/bar/dining spot that supports all types of artistic endeavors. Their current art exhibit is by two of their employees and entitled "The Dark Arts." In this show, artists Meredith Fajardo and D.A. Boone explore the emo culture. Several of my co-workers asked me what emo is. It got me to thinking, if you went to this show and had never known about this culture/style ... what would someone come away thinking emo was?

Well, the paintings incorporated a lot of side-swept bangs and sullen faces. There was a lot more color than the emo-types I am used to, but that might have been some of the artists' play with the subject. My friend Holly Wall who had invited me to lunch made the excellent point of asking what the artists' relationship to the emo culture actually is. "Emo" stands for emotional. I think the stereotype definitely encompasses the bangs over one eye, skinny jeans and angst. This subject matter certainly gave Holly and I something to ponder while eating our incredibly excellent sandwiches. The Collective 3148 E. 11th St.

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