Bluegrass of the Rising Sun

Japanese bluegrass band The Blueside of Lonesome returns to Tulsa for a show tonight at Soul City, before heading to Guthrie for the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival.

Music is a language that all the world speaks. In Japan, a dedicated fan base of country and western music—which began when American tunes were broadcast to Allied Forces in WWII—is a testament to the cross-cultural power of music that can speak to the soul, despite being sung in a foreign language.

In the upcoming documentary “Far Western,” Tulsa filmmaker James Payne travels to Japan to learn about the scene through interviews with the country's country and bluegrass stars and bands. One such band, Tokyo's The Blueside of Lonesome, is in town to play at Soul City tonight, Thursday, Sept. 29.

To say this band is genuine, authentic bluegrass is an understatement. They're as fine purveyors of old-time music as you can find from Appalachia to Mount Fuji. The band is returning to Tulsa to perform before heading to Guthrie to play the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival on Friday and Saturday.

Watch the trailer for “Far Western” here and a clip of The Blueside of Lonesome here.

Tickets to the show tonight at Soul City are $10 at the door. Jacob Tovar and Seth Lee Jones will play an opening set at 8 p.m. and The Blueside of Lonesome will play at 9 p.m. Flash Flood Prints will be selling posters for the show. For more info on the show, click here.

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