For mature audiences only: A guide to elder care


MissyOur friends at Life Senior Services have done it again. Their comprehensive 2009-2010 Vintage Guide is hot off the presses. A conversation at my monthly book club brought home the importance of this annual directory, which covers housing, special services and other useful information.

Many of us boomers have gone through or are going through caring for elderly parents. My book club friend was overwhelmed with work and the clearing out of a home after the death of her beloved mother, who had needed much attention in her last years. Having been there, I know it’s a heartbreaking journey. elderlycare

The Vintage Guide to Housing and Services helps answer questions you never knew you had until faced with elder care issues. Does Daddy need day care or assisted living? How can we tell Mom she can’t drive anymore? What does hospice really provide?

Knowing what’s available, and who to call can ease the stress of caregiving while trying to carry on with your own life.  Even if you don’t need the information, maybe you know someone who does.

A $5 donation helps defray the expenses for guide produced by this outstanding Tulsa nonprofit service.

To learn more, visit Life’s Web site at or by calling Carrie at 918-664-9000, ext. 245.

- Missy Kruse, contributing editor

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