Couch, party of one


So this was season premiere week on TV (except for a few shows last week and next week), and many of us skipped Tulsa's nightlife to stay at home and get cozy on the couch.

Whether it was the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" on for the last three nights (excessive?), "The Jay Leno Show" debut on Monday (but airs every weekday night), or one of the "NCIS" shows, we’re all glued to our HD, DVR, surround-sound, entertainment systems.Mad Men's dashing Don Draper and Pete

And of course, last night was the icing on the cake for television fans. "Grey’s Anatomy" finally came back (emphasis on "finally" because I saw that many of my Facebook friends were counting down every hour to the show's premiere), and it promised to be a new season with more emotional drama. Ladies, I hope you spent last night with your girlfriends and spared your male friends, boyfriends or husbands.

Last week was my big week for couch comfort with the return of "The Office" and a new episode of "Mad Men." And I didn’t miss one of the two hours of Tuesday’s "The Biggest Loser" – it produces such good results at the end of every season!

Of course, we all have different tastes in television, but we do share one thing in common: We welcome September for the cool weather and the hot new television comedy and drama.

- Andrea Leitch, online editor

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