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American Theatre Company brings a brand new musical to Tulsa with “Pryor Rendering,” an unexpected coming-of-age tale.

Imagine, if you will, the quintessential musical about life in rural Oklahoma—folksy and funny characters, the wind sweeping down the plain, odes to simpler bygone times, and...coming out of the closet?

As unimaginable as it would have seemed even a decade ago, the latest musical about our great (-ish) state is about the struggles of LGBT youth. “Pryor Rendering” is a new musical based on Oklahoma native Gary Reed’s novel by the same name. A collaboration between American Theatre Company and OKC-based CityRep, “Pryor Rendering” tells the coming-of-age story of Charlie Rose, who was born on a pool table in Pryor, Oklahoma, in the 1960s. As a teen, Charlie struggles to connect with his family while working through his complex relationship with Dewar, a rough-around-the-edges orphan.

The musical aims to encourage audiences—particularly teens—to discover where they belong, while remaining true to who they are. The creators hope that seeing the story firsthand on stage will change lives by fostering tolerance, understanding and an appreciation for all forms of love in its audiences.

The production stars Oklahoma actors both young and experienced. You can read more about the musical in TulsaPeople Magazine.

“Pryor Rendering” runs this weekend only in Tulsa at the John H. Williams Theatre at the Tulsa PAC. Buy tickets here.

Additionally, “All The Way” continues its run this weekend, if you decide to take a break from our currently political cycle to revisit the stormy year of 1964. Spoiler alert, my various looks are truly on point for this show. Buy tickets here.

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