Ha-ha-ha into the ho-ho-ho season

andreaIn our June issue, we profiled several local comedians who perform at Tulsa’s comedy club, The Loony Bin, located at 6808 S. Memorial Drive. I wrote the feature, and I’ll admit: Every comedian made me laugh on and off the stage. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Since my introductions to them last April, I’ve continued to hear their names around town. Recently I heard from the lone funny girl I profiled. Susan Freeman, who is a mother and former EnglishSusan Freemanteacher, told me that she’s spending her holiday season sharing laughter at holiday parties. She’s offering 60- to 90-minute shows of live comedy for events and holiday gatherings. She can either bring the show to you or she can perform at offsite venues, where she’ll include food and beverage services upon request. Susan will keep you, your friends, family and co-workers entertained, just like she kept me laughing throughout our interview, her shows and even in follow-up emails. Check out her Web site www.susanfreemancomedy.com for a preview of her act.  Jay Dee Another local comedian, Jay Dee, is making news. Through the end of November, the funnyman has several videos of his work in the running for a show on Comedy Central. Comedy Central contacted him to take part in its Open Mic Challenge, where the station will choose three clips out of more than a hundred to air on December 6 during their "Hot List" special. All you have to do is view his seven video clips and vote for them with a “thumbs up” sign. To vote, visit www.jokes.com to view his videos for free, and you can find his name below “most viewed."

- Andrea Leitch, online editor

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