Guinness World Record broken at Route 66 Marathon

kendallIt's the day after the Tulsa Williams Route 66 Marathon and I'm sore. No, I didn't run the marathon, the half marathon or the relay. But I did join my husband, Trey, for a bit of the run around mile 18, and I managed to log more than 5 miles simply running all over the city trying to catch a glimpse of him at various points in the race. For that, I'm sore. Embarrassingly sore. Cheering is hard work! But, seriously, my hat is off to the thousands of runners who did train countless hours and participated in the race yesterday, including our very own online editor Andrea Leitch (who is walking a little taller, although stiffer today thanks to completing her third half marathon yesterday!). You were all incredibly inspiring. The sight of your strength and determination nearly convinced me to attempt another marathon (I ran The San Francisco Marathon in 1999). I quickly managed to snap back into my senses after awaking in pain this morning — and all I did was spectate!

Perhaps the most incredible sight I witnessed yesterday was the race between eventual winners, Michael Wardian and Zac Freudenburg, each pushing jogging strollers carrying their 11-month-old and 10-1/2-month-old sons, respectively. Whereas most runners have hit “the wall” by mile 22, these men were still flying down Riverside seemingly unphased by the added weight and awkwardness of running with strollers. Freudenburg won the Route 66 Marathon and broke the Guinness World Record for running a marathon while pushing a stroller with a time of 2:32:10. Second place finisher Michael Wardian, completed the race with a time of 2:34:37. The previous Guinness World Record was set by Wardian and his older son Pierce at the 2007 Frederick Marathon in Virginia. strollin_rt66_rev And, let’s not forget the ladies. The winner of the full marathon in the female division, Chelsea Jones from Norman, Okla., set a course record with a time of 3:00:38!

- Kendall Barrow, managing editor

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