Broad Influence

Political correspondent Jay Newton-Small comes to town Tuesday to discuss her new book that explores the potential influence of women in politics.

I’ve long been fascinated with journalists who cover Washington politics (and do it well). That’s partly because their jobs are so important: to tell Americans what is really going on at high levels of government in a factual, unbiased way. It’s also because their jobs are incredibly stressful and difficult, in my book.

I was reminded of this when I recently heard former ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton speak at an Oklahoma State University Business Forum in Tulsa. She covered U.S. presidents and Capitol Hill for more than 40 years; I could have listened to her stories all day.

Jay Newton-Small

On Tuesday, March 29, other news junkies and I will get to hear from another well-respected journalist who has covered the White House, Congress and the 2004 presidential campaign: Jay Newton-Small.

Newton-Small is a political correspondent for TIME magazine who is in town — thanks to the literary geniuses at BookSmart Tulsa — to discuss her new book, “Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works.” The free lecture starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Herman and Kate Kaiser Library, 5202 S. Hudson Ave. A book signing will follow, and books will be available to purchase.

The premise of “Broad Influence” is that the female presence and influence in Washington has reached a tipping point that affects not only the inner workings of the federal government, but also directly influences how Americans live and work.

Joe Klein, author of “Charlie Mike” and “Primary Colors,” is one of many writers and journalists to sing the book’s praises. He writes, “Jay Newton-Small has seen the future — and it may actually work. Fueled by detailed and intelligent reporting, she demonstrates that the arrival of women into positions of power will really make a difference. This is a real cause for optimism.”

I think we can all agree, optimism is something we could use a little more of this election season.


Broad Influence: Jay Newton-Small

Tuesday, March 29, 6:30

Herman and Kate Kaiser Library


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