Stay in style with these "green" Web sites

Is the environment on your mind since you read TulsaPeople’s green issue? If so, here are some cool green sites I recommend visiting for a sustainable and stylish lifestyle: It truly is a fabulous guide to choosing green products and services for living a stylish, sustainable lifestyle. Natural tapped rubber wellies, organic tees for tots, pesticide-free bed sheets and eco-umbrellas as shown on their site will make you and your children the most trendy and eco-friendly around. NYC designer Jill Fehrenbacher devotes her site to the future of sustainability in architecture and home design, particularly in technology, practices and materials. The pictures that accompany the blogs are architectural wonders (check out the cactus skyscraper post on March 18th). Created by two moms who focus on cool stuff from mom/women run companies and emerging designers, this site produces an annual Safer Toy Guide that finds organic and fair trade alternatives for the little ones. I particularly love the hand crocheted animal rattle- entirely plastic free! This site is dedicated to making sustainability mainstream by being a one-stop shop for green news, products and answers to all your green questions. From consumer information to advice on living green, it’s the best site to learn how to be eco-friendly if you’re just getting into it. There are even games and quizzes that test your green knowledge and let you know if you’re already leading a green lifestyle.

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