Recycle, reduce, reuse with antiques

If you haven’t read our cover story this month, you need to. Not only do we talk about what Tulsa needs to do to become a more sustainable city, but we also reveal things you can personally do to help Tulsa live up to its Green Country name.

One fun and easy way? Shop consignment, vintage, thrift or antique stores.

When Julie from Abbey Road Antiques in Jenks called me a few months ago, she had some wise advice to share. She said shopping antiques is a great way to save and help the environment.

How can shopping for antiques help the environment?

Well, buying antiques is just like recycling. Not only can you save money purchasing (for example) an antique china set rather than a new set, but you also don’t encourage production of more, such as plastic and paper products that you may get from the stocked shelves of a grocery or retail store. By reusing items that already exist, you protect the Earth from more plastics piling in landfills and more trees being chopped down from our green forests.

So next time you think about buying a new set of glassware or a new lighting fixture, go to a store that specializes in resale. It will save you money while keeping the Earth cleaner, greener and better preserved. 

- Andrea Leitch, editorial assistant

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