I'm a Barbie girl

Every Barbie girl should remember her first Barbie doll. Mine was the classic 1980s Peaches N’ Cream Barbie. A long peach-colored stole wrapped around her peach-colored dress with puffy sleeves and shimmering white bodice, making her the perfect date for Ken.

I still own her and the outfit today, among many, many more Barbies (I topped at 60+). Some of my other Barbie favorites include Pioneer Barbie, Totally Hair Barbie, My First Barbie, Mrs. Heart and my personal favorite, Barbie’s best friend Midge in a yellow mini-dress from the early 1990s.

As little girls around the world celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday today, it’s really a birthday for all to enjoy. Designers during New York Fashion Week honored America’s most fashionable doll in a runway show. Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan is displaying some of Mattel’s most memorable Barbies for shoppers to admire. And little girls who are all grown up remember their own birthdays when Mom and Dad presented them with those distinctive rectangular boxes. We knew what was inside, and we couldn’t wait to take out her plastic comb.

For my fellow Barbie fans wishing her a happy birthday, here are a few facts about Barbie:

Every second, two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world.

The first black and Hispanic Barbie dolls were introduced in 1980.

Barbie has had over 43 pets including 21 dogs, 12 horses, three ponies, six cats, a parrot, a chimpanzee,a panda, a lion cub, a giraffe and a zebra.

Barbie has five sisters including Skipper, introduced in 1964; Tutti, a twin introduced in 1966; Stacie in 1992, Kelly in 1995 and Krissy in 1999.

More than 105 million yards of fabric have gone into making Barbie dolls and her friends' fashions, making Mattel one the largest apparel manufacturers in the world.

Barbie doll has had more than a billion pair of shoes and over one hundred new additions to her wardrobe annually.

For all of you who want to see some of your favorite vintage Barbie dolls, visit www.barbiecollector.com. You’ll have fun remembering.

- Andrea Leitch, editorial assistant

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