A place to play and stay - the future downtown Tulsa

Last night I attended Tulsa’s Young Professionals' (TYPros) downtown brainstorming event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

What are my final thoughts from the session?

Tulsa has many young professionals who are extremely passionate about making downtown a center of nightlife, entertainment, transportation and housing in our great city.

Bill Fournet of The Persimmon Group led the discussion for two hours in a room where almost no seat was left empty.

The room was split into table groups to discuss mission statements for an ideal downtown. After revealing each table’s mission statement, Fournet revealed the results from the TYPros downtown survey that was available for members to complete over the past few weeks.

More than 300 TYPros members took the survey and 60 percent of them were ranging in age from mid-20s to age 30.

As Fournet commented last night, the results will be a voice for Tulsa’s YPs and eventually handed to City Councilors to review.

People spoke up last night, while no moment was quiet and attendees left feeling like downtown is on a huge wave of improvement.

Jack Crowley, Mayor Taylor’s special advisor on urban planning and development, sat at my table, while I noticed Libby Auld of downtown’s Elote Café and Macy Snyder of the Mayo Hotel were there among many other citywide entrepreneurs and businessmen and women who attended.

If you’re interested in finding out the results from the TYPros downtown survey, go to www.typros.org. You’ll be surprised about what members said about accessible parking, schools and the use of old buildings downtown. Check it out!

- Andrea Leitch, editorial assistant

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