Vegas stay-cation

Vegas is not my preferred destination for a lengthy stay (my style is more New York City or Chicago), but it’s always fun to experience the high energy of Sin City.

Of course Tulsa will never be a Vegas, but isn’t it great to know that we have the opportunity to play (or in my case, watch) a few rounds of blackjack amidst clanging slot machines, loud music and friendly people who happen to be Tulsans? I think so. Being at a local casino has its similarities to Vegas, only I prefer being here because it requires no travel and entertainment is often free!

Last night I was exposed to the lights, music and action at River Spirit Casino, located along the Arkansas River at the intersection of 81st Street and Riverside Drive. Most of you already know the location because of the Time Square-esque, high-tech LED video signage welcoming players. It’s a can't-miss media display.

The real reasons why I enjoyed last night wasn’t because of the money won at my table, but it was because of the bright neon lights from the new machines, the retro cover band, the company and an hour’s worth of card games, all of which created a cool oasis from the outdoor heat. It was a hot summer night, and everyone around me seemed to like the retreat. For me, it was also an hour of escapement from familiarity.

And the best part?

I got to go home and stay in my own room without the trouble of staying in a hotel.

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