TYPros Unplugged with Eric Marshall

Tulsa’s Young Professionals (TYPros) is hosting its first Unplugged event of the new year in a series where members meet with community leaders. Owner of Marshall Brewing Company Eric Marshall will be tonight's Unplugged speaker at his local brewery, but for all you who are missing the event (sorry, it's full!), here’s a chance to hear from the brewer himself.

AL: Why did you decide to host an event with TYPros?

EM: TYPros is a great organization, and I think that there are a lot of talented young professionals in Tulsa benefiting from all the events that are hosted. TYPros offers a great networking opportunity and helps to foster growth by learning from other people's experiences.

AL: What will be taking place at your brewery this evening for those who attend?

EM: The guests will be invited to take a little tour of the facility and experience Marshall Brewing Company first hand. I will also answer any questions from the guests and hopefully everyone can learn something.

AL: Why did you decide to start your own brewing company in Tulsa?

EM: Quite simply because I love Tulsa! I was born and raised here, and all of my family and close friends are here. Also, I saw an opportunity to do what I love in a market that was severely lacking, but ripe for the picking.

AL: As a successful and young entrepreneur in Tulsa, who inspires you?

EM: I think first and foremost would be my mom. She started making hair bows and headbands in a small room in our house when I was little, and now she is the owner of the largest children's clothing store in the Midwest, Kathleen's Kids. I am also inspired by Elliot Nelson who is a bit closer in age to me, and he has become a good friend over the past few years. I really like the way that he has incorporated worldly influences into his efforts here in Tulsa. I have always been very fascinated by different cultures, and I have a passion for travel and experiencing the world. If you look real close, on our bottles you will find the phrase, “Brewed in America, Influenced by the World”.

AL: What are your most popular beers? EM: The Sundown Wheat and the Atlas India Pale Ale. AL: Favorite Tulsa landmark?

EM: I would have to say my favorite landmark is the Big Man, a.k.a. the Golden Driller at the fairgrounds. (It’s) very distinct and very cool. I bet he would enjoy a giant Marshall Beer!

Editor’s Note: If you’re missing tonight’s event, don’t worry! Marshall’s beers can be found at www.marshallbrewing.com, www.marshallbrewing.mobi or at most local liquor stores.

- Andrea Leitch, editorial assistant

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