Bag lady

For some reason I have always loved purses. Actually, after cleaning out my “purse closet” this weekend (yes, there are so many they have their own closet) I realized it might be more of an obsession.

Lucky for me (and you!) I’ve found a line of handbags that offers guilt-free indulgence., a Tulsa-based company, offers over 100 handmade, designer handbags, which are imported from small, female-owned businesses in Vietnam.

Co-founders Bob and Marty Wagoner began importing the handbags after living in Vietnam and seeing so many women struggling to provide for their families. After seeing a need, the Wagoners decided to help the local women gain financial and social opportunities by helping them sell their bags.

Now, when I buy yet another purse, I will be helping a woman provide for her family and I will get a wonderful, handmade product. To view more purses and place an order, visit

- Kendall Barrow, lifestyle editor

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