Moxie Shoes on sale

If, like me, you lusted after the wonderful Betsey Johnson booties we featured on the cover of our Life & Style section a few months back, but couldn't afford the price tag - you're in luck! Moxie Shoes has recently marked down their entire online inventory of shoes, handbags and accessories. 

The sale also applies to new spring inventory, such as the three styles of Bettye Muller shoes now in stock. To my knowledge, Moxie is the only Tulsa store to carry this fabulous line. And a little bird told me Nanette Leopore shoes will arrive at Moxie in two weeks. Nothing puts a spring in my step like a new pair of shoes. The only problem will be deciding which ones to buy! Take a look for yourself at by visiting their Web site or call 948-6741 to set up a private party for friends.

- Kendall Barrow, lifestyle editor

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