Eat for a king

You certainly don’t have reign as party royalty in New Orleans to eat king cakes fit for King Rex himself. Why?

Because Merritt’s Bakery has four tasty flavors of king cakes baked for local celebrations.

With four locations, Merritt’s Bakery still has king cakes available for pickup. Each has clear icing coating the bread-like cake, and purple-, yellow- and green-colored sugar sprinkle the icing. Festive toppings include coin and bead décor in Mardi Gras colors.

Of course, Merritt’s baked the special cakes with traditional cream cheese filling, but with in demand orders and early bird pickups, some locations have only a few left. As of right now, here are the flavor of king cakes available:

Midtown, 15th and Harvard, 747-2301, cinnamon

Owasso, 124th E. Ave. and 86th St. N., 272-4103, cream cheese and cinnamon

Riverside, 101st and Riverside, 296-9000, raspberry, strawberry, cream cheese and cinnamon

South, 71st and Garnett, 250-1607, strawberry, cream cheese and cinnamon

The cakes serve eight to 10 people, but since it is Fat Tuesday, I’d lean more to the eight-person serving.

- Andrea Leitch, editorial assistant


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