Local musicians impress

I received a copy of "American Idol" David Cook's self-titled debut album for Christmas and immediately popped it into my car's CD player. As I glanced over the track titles, I noticed two familiar names: Zac Maloy, formerly of The Nixons, and Neal Tiemann of the Midwest Kings. Maloy served as co-writer for many of the songs and Tiemann played guitar on the record. What was exciting to me is that Maloy currently lives in Tulsa and Tiemann's band is based in Tulsa (and, consequently, both Maloy and Tiemann were featured in the September 2005 issue of TulsaPeople, with Maloy and his wife, Jennifer, pictured on the cover). While everyone here at TulsaPeople was excited to see Cook, who worked and performed in Tulsa before auditioning for "Idol," take home the crown, we are equally excited that he has enlisted some fellow Tulsans to join him on the ride. All just further evidence of the wealth of talented musicians who are living and performing in Tulsa.

Check out Andy Wheeler's blog and TulsaPeople column to get more info on these local acts.

-Joy Jenkins, CityBeat editor

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