Let's talk trash

 Finally! Tulsa government has gotten serious about refuse and recycling. Just last week, a news release came across the editorial desk announcing 'decorative' trash cans for city parks, starting at Centennial Park at Sixth and Peoria. Designed by artist Lisa Regan, the Garden Deva, the cans will begin appearing "as funding permits." The cans are burglar-resistant (for all you dumpster divers), easily repainted (heads-up grafitti artists), and are apparently so sturdy refuse employees will have to use a hydraulic lift to empty them. Now those are some cans! Even better, after a $110,000 study, including a 136-page report by a Seattle consultant, we may have the chance to do the sensible, eco-friendly thing with our home debris -- once-a-week pick up, and biweekly recycling collection, say our friends at the Tulsa World. No word on how much the service will cost, but I'm encouraged that it won't cost 'extra' to do the right thing and recycle. Let's just hope the mayor and city councilors don't make a big deal out of a slam dunk, or should I say, dump? Do you like the new idea? What would you pay? (It's $13.44 now; recycling is $2 more.)

-Missy Kruse, editor

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