Birthday cake never gets old

img_00511Birthday cake is my favorite kind of cake. There’s just something about the buttery taste of colorful icing and the freshly baked sheet cake that makes my mouth moist with every bite.

My brother recently celebrated his birthday and my parents decided to buy him a cake with an image of him when he was a 5-year-old. I had never seen personalized imagery on a cake before, meaning, I had never seen an actual photograph imprinted on top of a cake. And the best part is that it’s still edible!

My brother’s birthday cake was made deliciously for my family by the bakery at Sam’s Club, but there are several bakeries in town that also do personalized images.

Merritt’s Bakery is one of those bakeries, and the bakers always create icing masterpieces with their decorative cakes. Just looking through the bakery’s cake gallery makes me crave a piece of their white cake with strawberry filling!

A personalized cake at Merritt’s costs $8 more, and you must bring a non-professional picture – silly photos are more fun anyway!


-Andrea Leitch, web editor

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