Running against the wind

I know it’s been two days since my roommate and I got up at five in the morning to lace our running shoes, but I’m still reeling at how impressive it was to see her finish her first full marathon.

That’s 26 miles!

Since late January she’s worked with Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa, and they trained her every week to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. She ran a few times a week with her running group, including a Saturday morning run that got her moving at the dark hour of 6 a.m. That’s dreadful in the winter months.

I saw several fellow Tulsans out there running in the marathon, half marathon and relay, and I know there were many Tulsans in the kids run and participating in the walk. Thousands of supportive Tulsans also watched their loved ones fight the wind and humidity as runners raced through Heritage Hills, Nichols Hills and around the Oklahoma Capitol building. (A huge thanks to all of you who woke up early to share your enthusiasm for us!) 

Over 19,000 people were gathered to run early Sunday morning in downtown OKC, and I was one of them who rolled out of bed to run the half marathon and cheer my roommate on when she crossed the finish a few hours after me.

It’s an incredible experience to participate in, and I strongly recommend getting outside and working towards a physical goal with our community.

Yes. It was painful.

But it was worth running every minute (165 minutes to be exact- a record for me!) with my fellow Oklahomans. 

- Andrea Leitch, Web editor


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